Pit Bull Blues: A Song Every Pit Bull Owner Needs To Hear!

Pit bulls get a bad wrap. When raised as a family dog in a normal, loving home, they are the most gentle, sweet animals.

Unfortunately, pit bulls are abused far more than any other breed. When you beat a dog, chain it to a tree, starve it, and neglect it…you'll make it mean. This is what happens to pits, by terrible people who want them to be aggressive.

Enjoy this song titled “Pit Bull Blues” by John Shipe which is easily the best song about pit bulls that I have ever heard. The song shares a day in the life of a lovable pit bull and all of his friends, and the struggles that they face in public.

As the saying goes, “It is not the dog, but the owner that is the problem and pit bulls are not for everyone.”

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