He Rescued A Kitten & Introduced Her To His Pit Bull. His Dog’s Reaction? Absolutely PRICELESS.

Pit bulls have a reputation of being quite ferocious, but more and more owners are standing up for them and showing just how loving they can be.

The results of a dog’s behavior is what has been trained into them from their owners. As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as a bad dog… only bad owners who raise them.”

So it goes to show how loving and trusting this owner must be when he introduces his pit bull to a new kitten that’s being brought into their home.

Molly’s actually quite mild mannered, and was surprised that she was gaining a new sibling. The kitten has been rescued off the street and taken home to recover and improve, and Molly couldn’t be a better big sister about it.

She covers the kitten in licks, all while wagging her tail, and providing some much needed warmth to the feline sibling!

Watch the video on the next page to see the sweet pit bull, Molly's priceless reaction when she meets her new kitten sibling!

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