Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring Becomes A K-9 Police Dog

It’s heartbreaking to think about all the dogs who have been victims of dog fighting rings. These dogs are abused and forced to fight, and even when the illegal rings are shut down the scars can last a lifetime.

But one survivor has been given a second chance at life, and is looking forward to an incredible new career.

Nibbles is a pit bull who was rescued from a dog fighting ring in Canada. He was taken in by the Throw Away Dogs Project, a non-profit group that rehabilitates rescue dogs as K-9 officers.

Recently, the rescue announced that Nibbles had gotten his big break: he was recruited to be part of the Craven County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

He’ll be joining the narcotics team, helping to track down drugs being trafficked in the county.

His partner, K-9 Unit Deputy McCaw, says the dog is one motivated officer.

“He’s constantly wanting to work,” McCaw told Spectrum News. “His ambition is to do whatever I want him to do, his praise, you know, that’s just what he looks for.”

According to Throw Away Dogs Project, McCaw has also adopted Nibbles as family:

It’s a very happy ending for Nibbles: After being the victim of an illegal scheme it seems only fitting that now he’ll be the one stopping crime.

We’re so happy this rescue dog now has a loving family and great new career ahead of him!

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