Poodle Lived Life On Short Chain, Wondering If His Family Would Ever Cut Him Loose

A good Samaritan noticed that her neighbor had kept his dog chained up outside with no food, water, or medical attention. She knew this pup needed help, so she reached out to a local animal rescue for help.

Rescuers agreed to help, and followed the woman to the house where the dog was. When they saw the pup, it was worse than they thought. The poor little dog was tied to a tree, standing next to an empty, filthy skillet.

Source: Pet Rescue/Youtube

The chain was so short that the dog could only walk a foot or two around the tree. His coat was dirty and let off such a putrid smell, since his owner never bathed him or took care of him.

The dog was very friendly and just seemed happy and relieved that people were finally paying attention to him for what was probably the first time in his life.

Source: Pet Rescue/Youtube

They immediately gave the starving pup some food and water and spoke with the owner about possibly surrendering the dog to him.

Luckily, the owner agreed, and rescuers promised the dog that from here on out, he will never have to suffer again.

Source: Pet Rescue/Youtube

The first thing rescuers did when they brought him back to their rescue was give him a much-needed bath to rid of that filthy smell. Not only did the bath rid of the grime, but it also was a way of getting rid of his awful past.

He is now clean and healthy and ready for a forever home.

Watch his rescue and transformation in the video below:

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