Baby Possum Couldn’t Move & Cried Helplessly On Freeway As Vehicles Swooshed By

A man was driving around his farm when he noticed something strange on the road. He realized that a helpless creature was stranded on the middle of the freeway, so he decided to get closer and investigate.

Source: bobekyrant/Reddit

The man got worried when he found a tiny possum lying immobile on the road. The poor thing was petrified by the vehicles passing by, which caused her to freeze out of panic.

The man knew the possum wouldn’t be safe on the road, so he picked her up to release her into the woods. But then, he discovered that the possum had actually lost her way to her family.

Knowing that the possum would be anxious without her family, the man ventured out into the woods and kept walking till he found the possum’s family.

He gently placed her on the ground, and she joyfully reunited with her kin. She thanked the kind stranger and went on her way! So sweet!

Source: bobekyrant/Reddit

While possums often get a bad rap, they are actually peace-loving creatures who are all but immune to rabies and most snake venom.

They aggressively eat pesky ticks and dangerous snakes and keep the environment clean and safe for us. They also have great personal hygiene as they repeatedly groom themselves.

It’s safe to say that possums are friends of mankind!

Click here to watch this kind stranger rescuing the terrified possum and getting her back to her family!

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