Pregnant Woman’s Dog Wouldn’t Stop Barking Her. Her Warning Ended Up Saving Her Life

This incredible story shows how special dogs are. An affectionate American Akita felt something was wrong with her human, even the doctors said otherwise. The faithful dog finally saved her owner’s life!

Ricky and Alhanna Butler, from Doncaster, England, adopted Keola when she was a puppy. The young couple loved and cared for the cute dog as if it were her own baby. But they didn’t know that one day their beloved dog will return the favor ten times over. When Alhanna found out that she was pregnant, everyone was so excited, including Keola, who couldn’t stop hugging her human.

However, as the pregnancy progressed, the delicate dog began to behave strangely. Alhanna ignored her at first, but then she started to worry a bit, as she felt some kind of pain in her back. But she dropped everything after seeing the doctor. They assured the expectant mother that she and her baby are fine. But Keola kept trusting her feelings!

“When the doctors sent me home and said there was nothing serious about it, she just sat there and stared at me so hard it really freaked me out,” the woman told Mercury Press. “I posted a picture of her on Facebook and joked about the movie Hatchi, where the dog does that too, and all of a sudden all my friends were telling me to take it seriously.”

As Keola would not stop barking and behaving very strangely when she was next to Alhanna, the two began to get seriously worried, so they immediately returned to the hospital. “No one really understood how sick she was, but Keola did. She nudged me and cried and I could never understand why she suddenly started, ”Alhanna said.

It wasn’t until they got to the hospital that everyone realized how serious things were. Without Keola, the pregnant mother could have lost her life. She had a fairly serious kidney infection and had to be operated on immediately.

“Because it was not treated for so long, it was one of the worst cases you have ever seen,” the woman shared on Facebook. ‘I also had an antibiotic resistant virus that had only infected one other person in the UK … the doctors told me if I left it any longer I would leave and probably my son too. ”

Fortunately, Alhanna made a full recovery and was able to continue her pregnancy and the only one to thank is Keola. Alhanna eventually gave birth to a healthy son named Lincoln. Unsurprisingly, the loving American Akita and her little human brother began bonding from day one. Now the couple have a second son named Huxley!

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