Dalmatian With Giant Stomach Gives Birth. When Puppies Are Born, Vet Discovers Big Mistake

Everyone loves puppies! Their big eyes, soft fur and cuddly nature make them the perfect tiny pet to cuddle and play with.

But for a female dog, puppies mean motherhood and raising a litter is a natural ability ingrained in their DNA. So when Miley the Dalmatian was ready to give birth, her humans provided her with every comfort possible to ensure that motherhood would come easily.

They had no way of know the outrageous number of pups that were about to be brought into the world especially after the vet told them initially there would be three in the litter. There are many factors that come into play that affects the number of puppies born in a litter.

Dogs that are younger or older will have a smaller number. Dogs that are in-between three to four years of age are usually where the largest litters are found. Larger breeds are known to have bigger litters. Nutrition, age and health conditions are other factors that affect the number in a litter, as well.

After a birthing process that seemed to take forever, Miley successfully welcomed 16 adorable spotted pups into the world. Her owners thought the pedigreed pooch was done and tended to her and the pups.

But 14 hours later, two more newborns popped out! There were 18 puppies in total – which was a record number in Miley’s home country of Australia!

Miley is now mom to 12 female and six male puppies. As a first time mom, Miley did great! As part of CC Dalmatians, a breeding business, Miley brought such a big gift to the family.

Her owner and breeder Cecilia Langton-Bunker, 43, said the unimaginable delivery of so many puppies were constantly compared to the Disney hit movie 101 Dalmatians. There were so many puppies that initially, they needed to be bottle fed every four hours, because Miley the new mom just couldn’t keep up with their demands.

In fact, Cecilia guessed that Miley was carrying 15, even 16, puppies. But even she was wrong. Miraculously, all 18 pups survived and are now healthy, happy and growing!

Take a peek at Miley’s adorable litter for yourself in the video below. They’re just too cute!

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