Woman Drugged Sick Dog’s Food And Watched Her Hoping She’d Collapse

A woman spotted a stray dog that was suffering on her own on the streets. She had no idea what to do. The dog was completely hairless and emaciated.

Despite being able to get close to her, no one was able to touch her. She ran away time and time again. The woman took a photo of the dog and sent an urgent plea to Mission Paws’ible.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

One of the rescue group’s volunteers, named Prue, stepped up to help the distressed dog. Prue knew in order to catch the dog, she had to sedate her.

She prepared a bowl of food with medication crushed inside. She then placed the bowl in a location the dog would feel safe enough to eat.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

The stray was spotted hours later eating from the bowl in a garage. When it was safe to approach, as the dog became drowsy, Prue was able to slip a leash around her neck and carry her into their vehicle. She was placed into a cage. The dog was awake but nice and calm.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

Once back at the rescue center, it was obvious that this dog had a traumatic past. She was so afraid of people and desperately looked for a place to hide.

But no one was going to give up on her! No matter what. She stayed at the clinic for three weeks in order to treat her around the clock for mange and to work on getting her to trust people.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

Prue worked very hard over the course of that time to get her to trust people. She hand-fed her and made sure she was a constant but gentle presence in her life.

Prue also bought her several pairs of pajamas so the dog, she named Belle, could stay warm. But despite Prue’s persistence, she admits that Belle never trusted her. That bond Prue longed for never happened.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

In the video below, Prue admits she was so concerned. She says that “This dog was unadoptable.” And that Belle was, through no fault of her own, broken.

A woman, named Kaho, saw photos of Belle online. She felt drawn to her immediately. She reached out to Prue and asked if she could foster Belle. Prue agreed.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

The first few days were terrible. Belle stayed under Kaho’s bed and refused to come out. What Kaho thought would be a few days, turned into weeks.

No matter what Kaho tried, Belle didn’t trust her surroundings or her foster mom enough to come out from beneath the bed except to go to the bathroom. Maybe Prue was right. Maybe Belle was an “unadoptable, broken” dog.

Source: The Dodo, Belle’s Story/YouTube

But Kaho wouldn’t give up. She continued to approach Belle. But despite being gentle and patient, Belle just growled. Kaho felt defeated. Her heart ached. She had no idea what to do next.

But Belle’s story doesn’t end here! In our animal-loving hearts, we strongly believe there is no such thing as a broken dog and Kaho believed that too. What happens next is incredible and can’t be missed!

Thanks to The Dodo and the video below, you get to see Belle’s amazing transformation for yourself.

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