(VIDEO) Dad Asks His Pug for a Hug. His Response? PRICELESS!

Nothing compares to a big warm hug from your dog. After a long day your dog can cheer you up like no one else, even when you don’t want to talk to any friends or loved ones, your dog is a source of companionship you crave.

Here’s Daisy the pug and her Dad showing off their loving relationship. When the adorable wrinkly pug, Daisy’s dad asks her for a hug, not only does she happily comply, but she gives her dad lots of doggy kisses too!

In fact, every time he asks for a hug, not only does she follow through with a hug, but she gives him licks on the face as well! It’s absolutely darling how Daisy responds and by the look on her Dad’s face you can tell he is feeling the love.

Even though Daisy the Pug is trained to hug her Dad, she obviously takes a lot of joy in doing this small activity. If her body language and kisses are any indication, I think Dad and pup love one another very much!

Check out the video on the next page to watch the heartwarming video as Daisy the Pug gives hugs on demand to her Dad followed by puppy kisses!

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