Pug Knows How To Entertain A Baby! This Is The Best Belly Laughs EVER!

We here at PawBuzz take our job of putting a smile on your face throughout the day very seriously… and this video is one demonstration of how we do that for you, we promise!!

In the video to follow, a pug is playing with an adorable baby, just like awesome siblings and best friends that they are and continue to grow up to be.

The pug makes the baby laugh so hard… and the laughter is contagious! It's the best belly laughs ever!!

As dog lovers, we all know there’s a powerful emotional connection between us humans and the dogs, but nothing is more beautiful than between babies and dogs. Here's just one amazing demonstration of this!

Check out the adorable video on the next page and find yourself smiling as you hear the baby’s giggles!

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