Pug puppy born with rare upside-down paws now on the road to recovery at sanctuary

All dogs deserve love, care and a chance to live their best life. Sometimes dogs are born with disabilities that can make their lives difficult, but thankfully there are kind people who will do anything they can to help.

Like one animal sanctuary, who is working hard to help a pug who was born with upside-down paws.

Mila, a 7-week-old pug puppy, was rescued by Skiatook Paws and Claws alongside her sibling. But Mila was born with a rare and complicated disorder called bilateral luxated elbows, giving her completely upside-down paws:

Thankfully, Mila soon found the perfect place to help her. While the condition is rare, Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, in Oklahoma, has had success in treating the condition before and knew they were the ones to take care of this special pup.

The sanctuary cared for another dog named Milo with the same condition, and with surgery were able to fix his paws and give him a normal life. They committed to giving Mila the same treatment, saying that though it would be a long and expensive process, it would give this pug a new lease on life.

“Without surgery, she will never walk, run, or play like a normal dog,” they wrote in a Facebook post.

Due to the complexity of Mila’s treatment, the sanctuary asked supporters for donations. They are now beginning the early stages of her road to recovery.

“First step is CT imaging and then 3D printing of her legs so the surgeons at OSU can make an exact plan based on her exact structure,” they wrote.

While Mila has a long road ahead, she has someone to look to for inspiration: Milo underwent the same surgery and recovery process a few years ago, and now he is doing great after learning to walk again.

The sanctuary says Milo will be there to “cheer her on,” and they hope things will go smoothly since they’ve done it all before.

“It’s always a bummer when animals are born with deformities, but we feel really good that she landed here with us. Y’all had Milos back through his journey and gave us so much love, optimism, and support, and we just know you’ll love Mila the same! Second time will hopefully be easier on us all as we know what to expect.”

While Mila still has a long road ahead, she’s in good hands, and we know soon she will be “back on her feet” thanks to these kind rescuers.

We’re so glad this special dog is on the road to a better life, thanks to these kind people giving her a fighting chance. Wishing Mila all the best as she undergoes her future surgeries!

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