Ready For A Pug Puppy Break? Meet Sausage Biscuit!

Having a tough day? or simply been working really hard and need a quick break? Then, watching this pug puppy in action is the perfect solution for you!

Meet the insanely adorable pug puppy named Sausage Biscuit! Don't you already love him from his awesome name? I think is one of the best name for a pug puppy… EVER!!!

Well, without further ado, take a quick Pug puppy break and meet Sausage Biscuit!

But gotta warn you though… you might pass out from cuteness overload!! Seriously… Sausage Biscuit might be the MOST adorable pup you've EVER seen!!

Check out the adorable video of Sausage Biscuit the insanely cute pug puppy in action on the next page!

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