Pug Wants To Help Mom Clean The Floor- So Toddler Tells Pug What To Do

Dogs are many things: they are cute, cuddly, smart, fun, and many times they are absolutely hysterical. Atom the Pug is one of those dogs who keeps his family laughing.

He’s one of those dogs who will drive anything he can get his paws on. In one of his famous videos, the well-known Pug takes on a Roomba.

Source: Youtube

The Roomba is an automated vacuum cleaner with sensors on it for proper navigation. If it bumps into something, it will automatically find its way elsewhere. For Atom, he sees the Roomba as a convenient way to get around the house.

Then, his adorable tot comes into the picture and has quite a lot to say about it. The baby gibberish, we think, is sage advice on how to successfully clean the floors while having a grand ole time.

Source: Youtube

This Pug and his buddy are hysterical. We wouldn’t mind cleaning the house with a cutie like Atom around and a helpful assistant to keep him in check. Click play below and get ready for a laugh fest.

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