Pug Tries On Sexy Halloween Costumes And It’s Irresistible!

Internet sensation Doug the Pug stopped by BuzzFeed to teach them a thing or two about modeling, and he did not disappoint.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's Doug the Pug trying on sexy Halloween costumes.

He kicks things off with his six-pack abs waiting for you on the beach… “Hello~ Ladies!”

Then, moving on to effortlessly transforming himself into a chick magnet… “Easy there, we have a chick magnet coming through.”

And his ultimate transformation into a majestic butterfly!!

And for the grand finale, he transforms into Magic Doug!!! Watch out Channing Tatum, Magic Doug is on the prowl and snatching up your business!

Check out the video of Doug the Pug trying on sexy halloween costumes and wowing everyone on the next page:

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