Pugs Putting Baby In A Fit Of Giggles Is Happiness In A Nutshell

Pugs are a hugely popular breed today. But why?! Could it be their good looks or unmistakable charm? What is so darn irresistible about them Pugs?

Ask anyone who has ever known a Pug and they will tell you there is no other dog that compares. But why?

It's no wonder though… considering their smushed, expressive faces that we can so relate to on a human level. They possess all the qualities of a big dog in a little dog body. They are also very affectionate. They are happy to follow you around everywhere you go… a loyal and constant companion.

They are also so darn funny too. They will entertain you all day long and all week long. They are really playful, but not overly demanding. And they love everyone, from the mailman to the dog next door… and even babies!

As you'll soon see, pugs love kids and babies! Well, most kids and babies anyways… If you want your child to have a perfect playmate, pugs are the breed of choice!

Check out the video on the next page as two pugs, Barnum and Bailey, put an adorable baby, Kennedy in a fit of giggles!

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