Barking Puppy Pushed into Pool By Annoyed Dog

A cranky dog who didn’t like noise the new puppy was making decided to make her feelings known.

In the video, the puppy is playing by the poolside with the family’s black Labrador who is in the pool. The pair is having fun play fighting. Another dog, Rue, is seen watching the two dogs in the foreground. But all of a sudden Rue pushes the puppy into the pool!

“Rue, my cocker spaniel was tired of the puppy barking so she took matters into her own hands,” says the pet parent, adding, “She pushed him in the pool!”

It’s a good thing the dogs’ mom was watching them closely by the poolside because she’s able to go fish the pup out right away.

People watching the video can’t get over how purposeful Rue was. “That was so on purpose,” commented one viewer. “The World saw how deliberate that was,” said another. “That dog was like ‘here now shut up’!”

“OMG…poor little munchkin…lol. The dog that pushed the puppy in – bad doggie.”

It’s both funny and a good reminder that pets need just as much poolside supervision as children! And we’re pretty sure that cranky old Rue will be watched more carefully around the puppy from now on until she accepts the pup into the pack.

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