Dad Captures Adorable Puppy Wake Himself Up In Fright Of His Own Thunderous Fart

Ever heard a loud noise while you were sleeping that startled you so much that you jumped right out of your slumber and were left slightly disoriented?

Well one particular puppy got to experience this sensation first hand, when his own bodily functions decided to play a trick on him.

A hilarious video posted to his owner’s YouTube page shows the puppy in a deep sleep, when his tummy suddenly starts rumble. Shortly after the rumbling noise subsides, the puppy lets out a loud fart, which is powerful enough to jolt him right out of his nap.

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Startled, the pup jumps up and looks around to see who the offender was that ruined his sleep. The video ends with the confused puppy looking around, while his owner laughs in the background. It’s all around adorable.

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