Plumber Rushes To Home After Newborn Puppy Unwittingly Slid Down Bathroom Drain

A mama dog in Queensland, Australia, has recently given birth and has been resting with her puppies just like any other mom would do.

This past weekend, they were lying in the bathroom of their owner’s house when all of a sudden the cover on the floor drain somehow came off.


Sadly, two of the puppies wound up sliding down the open drain before their owner could get to them. Thankfully, the woman was able to grab one of the puppies out of the pipe, but the other one was too far down and wound up getting caught in a bend of the pipe.

Their owner called a plumber in a panic, who thought the call was a prank at first.


But after hearing the worry in her voice, plumber Joseph Egan, of The Brisbane Plumbers, rushed over to the home to help save the puppy.

The plumber pushed a tiny CCTV camera through the pipe to see where the puppy was so he could cut the pipe without harming him.


Once he cut the section of the pipe out, he shook it until the pup slid to the end, and then pulled him out.

The puppy, who cried during the rescue, was thankfully unharmed and reunited with his mama.

He has since been named “Troopie,” for being such a trooper in this scary ordeal.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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