Puppy Was Thrown Away Because He Only Has Two Legs – Then 2 Heroes hear his Cries and act fast

All animals deserved to be treated well, no matter how they look. Cupid has a nose for happy endings. It might have something to do with its shape. <3

“His name is so appropriate in so many ways,” Joan Znidarec, president of The Dog Rescuers Inc., tells The Dodo. “Not only does he have a heart-shaped nose but he captures everybody’s hearts in seconds.”


This seven-week-old puppy was born without front legs. But instead of getting the extra care he needed, the puppy’s owners tied him up in a garbage bag and dropped him in a trash can.

It’s unimaginable that anyone would do that to a puppy, but fortunately this story has a happy ending, thanks to a series of heroes…

It always hurts my soul to see animals in distress, whether they’re as small as mice or as big as elephants.

In this case, the animal is a seven-week-old puppy who was abandoned in a garbage can in Toronto. His name is Cupid and he was born without front legs. Two women somehow heard his cries from inside a garbage bag, where his former owners most likely had put him.


The woman immediately called animal control services. He was then taken to an animal shelter, where he got all the love and warmth he deserved.


“He is absolutely hilarious. He is sassy and funny and animated,” Joan Znidarec, president of Dog Rescuers Inc. told The Dodo.

The shelter put up an ad looking for a loving home for Cupid. And it wasn’t long before they found a perfect match. Cupid got a new loving home!

Despite surviving one of the worst things an animal could go through, Cupid still has little challenges every day because of his missing front legs.


“You have to prop him up when he has to pee or poop. Puppies can be challenging on a good day. I think the combination is probably why but regardless, it is inexcusable,” Znidarec told The Dodo.


Now, Cupid’s life is about to get a little easier. In addition to his new family,  Cupid will be able to put his past even further behind him — thanks to a new pair of prosthetic legs.

“He is going to be outfitted for his legs next week. We’ve already done the casting and molds to make them,” Znidarec explains. “It’s a fabulous Toronto company and all they do is prosthetics for dogs. He gets his legs next Thursday.”


Until then, the people in Cupid’s new life are happy to come to him.

“Our biggest issue right now is they won’t put him down,” Znidarec says. “They carry him everywhere.”


What adorable little dog! I’m so grateful that these heroes took Cupid in and gave him a second chance. Please share this article with your friends on Facebook and help us pay tribute to all of the animal advocates out there!

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