[Video] Puppy At The Groomer Throws A Tantrum Like A Little Kid

Oreo is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet — she just gets a little cranky when she's sleepy, that's all.

On a recent visit to the groomer, the fluffy 11-week-old pup was apparently disappointed that nap time was being put on hold for a haircut. And, like a fussy toddler forced to endure similar hardships, Oreo also wasn't afraid to let her feelings be known.

She threw a puppy tantrum.

“Oreo has such personality and we had been playing with her all morning,” says Bobbie Lee, who helps run the service from her husband's vet clinic. “When [we] began grooming her she started this uncoaxed.”

Fortunately, despite all her drowsy melodrama, Oreo of course survived the brief experience totally unfazed. And she picked up an important lesson on patience in the process.

“She's the picture of health. It is just her personality. Our groomer is so good with her dogs. She sings to them, talks to them and just loves on them. Most of them love to come for her grooming. Oreo is just learning.”

In the end, little Oreo even summoned the energy to have her picture taken, looking cute as a button with her brand new ‘do.

Credit: Bobbie Lee

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