Puppy was found abandoned in sealed box in Walmart parking lot — but now he’s getting a second chance

A dog who was found cruelly abandoned in a Las Vegas Walmart parking lot is getting a new start thanks to his rescuers.

On September 20, Walmart employee Shamar Shapiro was leaving work when he discovered a a plastic black box left in the parking lot. “I was looking outside the window and I walked outside, and I saw all the commotion. I walked over I was like ‘oh,’” Shapiro told FOX 5 Vegas.

Bystanders looked inside the bin and discovered a three-month-old mixed-breed puppy left inside. The pup’s nose was sticking out of the single small hole in the box.

It’s truly heartbreaking that someone would leave a puppy confined in a box like that, and Shamar knew he had to step up and help. He and his family have experience rescuing pets, so he took the abandoned pup home with him.

They then contacted local nonprofit animal rescue Crazy 4 Pawz, who took him in and gave him his shots and a microchip.

The dog was named Sammy, and he has been placed in a foster home. Thankfully, he will soon have a forever home: according to Crazy 4 Pawz, his foster family will be officially adopting him after a 30 day hold.

It’s not clear where Sammy came from or who abandoned him. Shamar told FOX 5 that he thinks Sammy’s former owners left him there out of desperation since many of the local shelters are full.

We may never know the whole story, but the important thing is that things worked out for this sweet puppy and he will soon have a loving new home.

It’s always heartbreaking when puppies are abandoned like this, but we’re so glad Sammy was rescued and has a home! Please share this heartwarming news!

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