Puppy Was Sleeping Through Every Song, But Then Mom Put On His Favorite Song

Oakley the Australian Shepherd puppy has a very specific taste in music. At times, it’s almost impossible to get him to like songs that are not on his “jam list”.

Mom Brittany Maroney has shared this heart-melting clip of her pup’s distinct music preferences and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve seen lately!

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Source: Brittany Maroney/YouTube

In this video, we see Oakley snoozing comfortably in the backseat of the car while Brittany blasts away the upbeat “Boom Clap” by Charlie XCX.

The catchy song has absolutely zero effect on Oakley and he looks quite bored as he keeps napping away.

But the moment the song changes to “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, Oakley’s inner fanboy forces him to open his eyes!

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Source: Brittany Maroney/YouTube

Oakley can barely contain his happiness as he sits upright and smiles brightly upon hearing his favorite song.

His eyes twinkle as he soaks in the uplifting melodies of the song, and then he decides to jam along to the song via his own rendition.

It’s such a precious sight to see Oakley tilting his head back and howling away as he takes the song to another level of awesomeness!

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Source: Brittany Maroney/YouTube

It was all merry and joyful for Oakley until Mom switched back to playing “Boom Clap”. Watch this video till the end to see Oakley’s hilarious reaction to the song change.

There’s definitely no fooling this smart pooch! Make sure you keep your volumes up for Oakley’s fascinating little jamming session!

Click the video below to watch starry-eyed Oakley’s awestruck reaction to his favorite song!

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