The Puppy’s Napping In The Window When Dad Pulls Out The Popcorn

The puppy’s chilling in the window behind the curtain as Mom and Dad watch a show on the couch.

But Ruby the Goldendoodle can’t resist the temptation of popcorn, and as soon as Dad grabs a bite, the pup almost gets whiplash peeking her head out from behind! 😀

The man shared the following via ViralHog:

“My fiance Sarah and I were relaxing after coming home from our jobs and decided to watch a show together while eating popcorn.

Ruby, our mini Goldendoodle, enjoys surveying our front yard from the living room window for passer-bys, squirrels, and birds.

She easily loses focus when we start eating popcorn and switches focus between gazing outside and a potential snack. This is a rare, but high value treat for her, as it’s not the healthiest snack for dogs.

She started doing this thing where she would check to see if we were willing to give her the snack in the most lackadaisical, Muppet-like motion, so I had to pull out my camera and capture the moment for ourselves.

We couldn’t stop laughing while she was doing it or after watching the video!

We are rarely on social media, but I posted the video to share our enjoyment of it and were happy to find so many others found enjoyment and laughter from it as well.

We didn’t post it expecting it to go viral and are just happy to know it brings joy to others without knowing us or Ruby.”

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