Puppy Cries When He Sees Man’s Car, Then 6 More Appear In 105 Degree Heat

Sebastian Bushey, a construction worker from Washington, was driving home from work when he discovered puppies who were abandoned on the side of the road near the Grand Ronde River.

If this wasn’t already bad enough, the temperature outside was 105 degrees Fahrenheit and these pups wouldn’t have survived in the heat much longer.

Bushey stopped his car and called the pups over to him. One of the pups waddled toward him, wagging his tail. Behind him, were six more puppies who were hesitant to leave the bushes – their only shade on this scorching hot summer day.

Bushey knew these poor pups were extremely dehydrated so he brought them all to his truck and gave them water right away, along with some food.


He then went back toward the bushes and scoped out the area, making sure there were no more puppies left behind, or a mother dog somewhere.

He brought the seven puppies to his local vet where they treated them for dehydration and sprayed them for fleas. All of the pups are doing great and have all been given a clean bill of health.


They were all named different words that means “river,” since that’s where they were found. They have also since been put up for adoption.

These pups are finally feeling love and getting the care they deserve. They never have to worry about being abandoned ever again!

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