Quadriplegic Dog Regains Use of Legs, Owner’s Reaction is Pure Joy

Sammi the dog was never supposed to walk again. The Springer Spaniel had spinal surgery in 2008, but the results were not successful.

Sadly, the dog became a quadriplegic and she was never supposed to walk again. No one told Sammi that, and his dogged determination kicked in.

Source: YouTube.com

Sammi the Springer’s mom met with animal rehabilitation therapists at a California center. A therapy plan was designed to help Sammi regain the strength in his muscles so that he was able to support his own body and stand.

Over the course of time, Sammi proved himself a wagging warrior during therapy sessions. He learned to get up into a sitting position and use a canine wheelchair to run and play.

It gets better: Sammi’s therapists wanted him to be able to walk again!

Source: YouTube.com

Many people thought he would never walk again, but Sammi showed them that with enough determination, anything is pawsible!

In the video below, Sammi walks to his mom without assistance! His nine months of physical therapy coupled with his can-do attitude proves that dogs can overcome so many obstacles in life.

Get ready to cheer Sammi on and watch his mom’s reaction when she sees him walk to her for the first time since starting rehab. All the feels!

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