Mom Asks Dog If He Loves His Baby Brother & The Dog Passionately “Replies” Back

Ralph E. Doodle is an 8-year-old therapy Goldendoodle who lives in Cleveland with his wonderful family.

Recently, the family welcomed a new baby boy, Noah, and the affectionate Ralph was instantly besotted with his tiny human sibling!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Over the next few months, it was clear that hanging out with Noah had become Ralph’s favorite pastime!

In this clip shared by mom Staci DaVita, we see an adorable cuddling session between Noah and Ralph.

However, this video takes an adorably unexpected turn when Staci asks Ralph if he loves his brother!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Ralph hardly takes any time to “respond” to Staci’s question in the most affirmative manner possible. He lifts his head up and howls “I love you” to convey his great love for Noah.

As for Noah, he is so elated to hear his doggie brother’s loving howls that he soon bursts into the most cheerful giggles!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Ralph has always been a very mild-tempered darling, but the presence of the little toddler just brings out his wildly “talkative” side!

He has certainly transformed into one doting big brother to little Noah and we can’t wait to see more entertaining videos of this charming pair!

Click the video below to watch Ralph unabashedly expressing his love for baby Noah! Keep your volumes up!

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