Guilty Dog Tries To Cover Up His Crime By “Bribing” Mom With An Overdose Of Love

Ralphie the Newfoundland is leisurely resting on the floor when Mom hurls a “serious accusation” at him.

Raphie’s human sibling, Tegan, has some toys missing, so Mom automatically assumes that Ralphie has something to do with it.

Mom makes Ralphie sit up straight, and then asks him if he chewed up his little brother’s toys.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Ralphie immediately panics and tries to look away with a tell-tale guilty look on his face. He senses that it’s a crisis situation when Mom asks “Ralphie, were you a bad boy?” 

He quickly grabs Mom’s hand and tries to win her over with his “innocent” puppy eyes! But Mom still has her doubts.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

The dog finally makes a last ditch effort to make the trouble blow over. When Mom reaches out and grabs Ralphie’s chin to make him look her in the eyes, the dog simply nods awa!

It’s almost as if he’s “accepting” his guilt because he just wants Mom to stop being so mad at him!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

By the end of this tense confrontation, poor Ralphie just snuggles up to Mom and “bribes” her with an overdose of kisses. Aww!

We still don’t know if Ralphie is responsible for Tegan’s missing toys, but it’s hard to stay angry at him for long.

Mom can’t help but eventually smile at her big boy and his adorable antics!

Click the video below to watch Raphie’s desperate measures as he tries to diffuse the situation with Mom!

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