Husky Puppy Suddenly Starts “Talking” Like A Human, And Mom Totally Loses It

Every pet-parent loves to document the various firsts of their babies. The first walk, first bath, and first bark – the list can be endless. For the mom in this video, her Husky puppy gave her a pleasant surprise when he “talked” for the first time!



Baby Ramsey, as his mom calls him, is a special Husky who cannot wait to communicate in human words. In this video, he is nestled in mom’s arms as he begins to make weird noises. Before we know it, he is babbling on like a human baby!

Mom breaks into laughter as she hears her baby making the cutest sounds. But it seems like Ramsey isn’t done talking. He passionately yaps away, as if he is trying hard to prove his point. We get it, Ramsey. We get it!



People are trying hard to figure out what little Ramsey had to say. Most of them have put their bets on “banana”, as that seems to be the only coherent word out of his mouth. Mom is so lucky to have such a lively little baby. This has completely cheered us up!

Check out the video below to watch and listen to this Husky puppy babble on!

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