Reporter Busts Accused Dognapper on Live TV

Juliana Mazza is a news reporter for WHDH-TV in Massachusetts. Though she's usually the one just covering the news, she recently became the hero of her own reporting.

Juliana was on live TV, reporting about a 13-month-old puppy who had been stolen from a parked car.

The theft was captured on the parking lot's security camera.

When the eagle-eyed reporter noticed a young pointer breed out on a walk, she couldn't shake the feeling that this was the same puppy who had been stolen.

Juliana told her cameraperson to hit record as she asked the dog walker if she could pet the pup in question. Really, she wanted to get a closer look at the name tag to see if it matched the missing dog named Titus.

When she started asking questions, the dog walker told Juliana that he'd accidentally grabbed the wrong dog that day.

“You didn’t think to call the number on the tag?” she asked him.

He only seemed to have excuses — and that's when Juliana called 911.

Watch the video to see how things unfolded. This is crazy!

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