Rescue Kanga-Dog Insists On Daily Couch Cuddles With Dad

A lazy rescue kangaroo has developed a passion for lounging on sofas and is never happy when he is asked to go to bed.

Kym Haywood who runs Pumpkin's Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston, South Australia, says Rufus took an interest in the family's couch as soon as she took him in as an eight-month-old joey.

Now at almost four years old, he is still obsessed and insists on hopping on his favorite seat and crashing out there every evening – even pushing Kym and her husband Neil away when they try to make him leave.

Check out the hilarious footage in the video below that shows the huge marsupial stretching his whole body across three seats on the sofa with his feet up while getting cuddles and tummy rubs from Neil.

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