Rescued Skeletal Dog Was Starved For Months, Collapses As She Tries To Stand

When a severely emaciated dog named Angel was brought to ‘Rescue from the hart’, she looked like she had walked straight out of a nightmare. She was not only skeletal and malnourished, but also facing a multiple organ shutdown.

YouTube/Rescue From The Hart

Angel was mercilessly starved for months before her rescue. Her front legs had become crooked, and she would collapse like a house of cards, every time she tried to stand.

More than anything else, it seemed that Angel wasn’t even trying to hold on to life. But her rescuers promised that they wouldn’t give up on her. When her treatment didn’t work, they decided to make her feel loved.

YouTube/Rescue From The Hart

Every day, the caretakers would tell Angel that she was a loved, cherished dog, and that she had to fight back. Like a miracle, these reassurances worked, as Angel started gaining some strength by consuming tiny amounts of food.

YouTube/Rescue From The Hart

After months of devoted care, Angel finally left behind the painful memories of her old life. Today, she seems almost unrecognizable, as she spreads joy with her sparkling eyes and her dazzling smiles in her new forever home!

We hope she never loses that pretty smile again!

Check out the video below to watch Angel’s unbelievable journey from abuse to happiness!

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