Rescuers Teamed Up To Save 700-Pound Moose From Railroad Tracks

The fish and wildlife agency of Vermont received a call that a moose got stuck on a railroad track. The moose was a big, powerful, 700 pound creature!

If she feels trapped or cornered, she doesn't want to be near people. So these rescuers had to carefully approach her so they wouldn't make her even more nervous.

The rescuers' main worries were either a person would get hurt or the moose would injure herself during the rescue.

They needed to rescue her using a truck and a harness system! Pretty hardcore huh?

Wildlife biologists were able to sedate her. They got the moose onto a sling so they could lift her onto the truck. Rescuers needed to be very careful moving the moose because she weighed so much!

In any event, the moose is now safe and sound, all 700 cute pounds of him! But the video of the rescue operation is pretty incredible, and definitely worth watching this holiday season.

So cozy up with a warm drink and take a look:

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