Retired German Shepherd Police Dog Gets Emotional At Reunion With Former Handler

Sometimes police K9s are thought of as tough, unemotional dogs who are hyperfocused on their job and not very emotional dogs. However, dog lovers know that isn’t true, as an 8-year-old German Shepherd can attest.

The dog, named Wangwang, was employed as a sniffer dog at various security checkpoints in central China. When she retired a few years ago, she was separated from her handler forever.

Source: Daily Star

However, last month, Wangwang’s former handler decided to pay her a surprise visit in her new home. The footage was posted online, and dog lovers from around the world fell in love with the now-viral clip.

The officer whistled out and called to his former canine partner, who heard his voice and came running to the man. She darted right through the front door and into the waiting arms of her previous handler.

She clung close to the man, refused to let go, and tears seemed to flow from the dog’s eyes! Anyone who has viewed the clip can’t believe their eyes, but it appears Wangwang was so overcome with emotion, that doggy tears came out of her eyes and down her beautiful face.

Some viewers wondered why the dog wasn’t allowed to stay with her handler. Xichuan Police indicated officers cannot dedicate time to exercise or play with their retired dogs.

Source: Daily Star

We are happy to see Wangwang remembered her handler and she has a very happy home now.

Press play on the clip below to enjoy the tear-filled reunion.

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