Family Couldn’t Afford To Feed Their Dog Anymore, So He Wasted Away To His Bones

Roland (formerly known as Shorty) is a Blue Heeler mix who was adopted from Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas about 2 years ago.

Back then, he was 2 years old and had an adorable chubby physique. However, his so-called “happy-ending” only turned out to be a turbulent tale of tragedy.

Source: Jamie’s Animal Rescue/Facebook

The shelter was in for a shock when Roland’s family walked in recently to surrender him. Roland was so gaunt he could barely stand up – a far cry from his earlier glorious 40-lb stubby self.

His family explained that they had been homeless for a while now, and were forced to live in their car.

The family claimed that they didn’t want to let go of their loyal and beloved pooch despite their inability to feed him.

They took the difficult decision to surrender him only when they noticed the pressure sores on his muscle-less body and realized he was wasting away.

Source: Jamie’s Animal Rescue/Facebook

At 18 lbs, Roland almost looked like a carcass at the time of surrender. He was severely malnourished due to extreme starvation. Considering his delicate condition, he was transferred to “Jamie’s Animal Rescue” for specialized care.

Due to his progressed emaciation, he was at the risk of suffering a cardiac arrest every time he ate. So the workers had to follow a very strict regime of small meals and vitamins to help stabilize him.

Roland’s recovery regime was painfully slow and filled with many scary setbacks like vomiting bouts and immobility, but he was eventually out of the danger zone.

The rescue is now focusing on his healing. He has already started taking walks around the neighborhood, and that’s very promising!

Source: Jamie’s Animal Rescue/Facebook

Roland is a resilient fighter who didn’t let his misfortunes taint his spirit. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle and he’s now looking for a new forever home!

Adoption enquiries can be made through the rescue’s website here. Let’s spread the word and help Roland find a forever home.

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