This Rottweiler LOVES His Kitty Friend. The Cat’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Some psychologists and relationship experts believe that in all successful romantic relationships, there’s one partner who should be a little bit more invested than the other.

While this might not always be true, it's definitely how it is with this pair.

This Rottweiler is so deeply in love that it’ll make you go “awwwww.” But when you see the furry object of his affection, you can’t help but laugh at her priceless reaction.

Who says dogs and cats can't be best of friends?

Here's a hilarious home video showing a Rottweiler named Sam giving Aaron, his kitty companion, some undivided attention.

With the kitty gripped in between his two front paws, he showers it with affectionate licks and head-crushing cuddles.

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