Rottweiler Puppy and Kangaroo. These Two Unlikely Friends are Truly One of a Kind!

True friendship knows no boundaries… of time, restriction of minds, nor difference in species! That's exactly what these two unlikely friends shows us in this video!

Meet Blue the Kangaroo and Trooper the Rottweiler puppy. They live with their human, Ed Trindall, in Perth, Australia. They are the best of friends and truly one of a kind.

In a video Ed posted on YouTube, you can see Blue and Trooper having a blast playing with each other. Blue likes trying to grab onto Trooper's face while Trooper playfully bites Blue.

Looks like they could be playing like this for hours on end! It really shows what an amazing relationship creatures from two different species can have, and it's beautiful!

Check out the video on the next page and watch the two best friends playing tag!

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