German Shorthaired Pointer Flaunts Calming Skills To Frightened Dogs At Daycare

Not everyone does well at doggy daycare. Sometimes the idea of being away from your mom or dad is really frightening. But then there’s a dog named Ruby who is making sure scared dogs at her daycare center are comforted.

The German Shorthaired Pointer shows off her social skills and calming techniques at the doggy daycare. As a camera followed her around, Ruby is seen approaching dogs who might need a hug or some extra love.

Source: @weratedogs/Instagram

Ruby simply places her paw on the nervous dogs as if to say, “I am here for you and won’t let anything happen.”

The dogs who are initially timid or afraid seem to come around and loosen up when they see Ruby nearby.

Source: @weratedogs/Instagram

Of course, as soon as dog lovers saw the video online, it was destined to go viral. As Ruby visits dog after dog, she is the self-appointed calming guru at doggy daycare.

Watch the precious video below. What a good girl you are, Ruby!

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