Hurt So Badly He Couldn’t Be Adopted, Puppy Finally Eats His First Meal In A Loving Home

Rudy was beaten and abused and couldn’t be adopted out to the public, so he was put on a euthanasia list and scheduled to die. But that’s when a local rescue group saved him with only hours to spare. He wouldn’t be just another sad statistic.

Houston Street Dogs knew it would be a long journey for the scared dog, but giving him a second chance was totally worth the work in their eyes. For months, Rudy would have to undergo extensive treatments and take lots of medications to help cure him of his various ailments. But the biggest problem was his broken hip. Rudy would need surgery for a hip replacement in order to be a normal pup again. But the operation would be costly.

That’s when Houston Street Dogs started a YouCaring account to help raise the funds needed. And thanks to the video going viral and everyone who donated, they easily surpassed their goal! This just shows the positive impact social media can have on the world. 🙂

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