Homeless pit bull falls asleep the minute he’s placed in a car

Aaron Peters was out on his route one day as a delivery driver for FedEx when he spotted a pit bull at a gas station. The dog had clearly seen better days and had nowhere to go.

He texted his girlfriend, Jayme Harley, and told her to go and pick him up!

Aaron Peters

Jayme had been wanting another dog, but Aaron had resisted — up until this point. So she didn’t hesitate to head out and rescue the pit bull!

She arrived on scene and gave the sweet dog some water, and a girl pulled up and said she saw the dog jump out of a car. But no one took him in because he’s a pit bull.

Jayme Harley

This broke Jayme’s heart, and she put the boy in her car where he fell asleep right away! It was as if he knew he’d have a place to stay that night.

She headed straight to the vet’s office where they found that the dog didn’t have a microchip. And other than some mange, he was in good overall shape!

Jayme Harley

As they headed home, she named him Rufus and wondered how he’d fit in with the other dog, cat, kids, and boyfriend. But the dogs hit it off right away! Rufus also took to the cat and other family members in no time.

Jayme Harley

The two dogs now do everything together, and they feel bringing Rufus into their home has added some warmth and love. He is everything they didn’t know they needed. 🙂

H/T – The Dodo

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