Man Travels 1,500 Miles To Adopt Dog, But Doesn’t Have The Money To Return Home

Matters of the heart don’t follow any rhyme or reason – and it’s the only thing that made sense when we heard the extraordinary story of 23-year-old Joel Carpenter.

It was love at first sight for the Portland man when he first saw a beautiful Border Collie-Husky mix named Sadie on a website.

Without hesitating another second, Joel decided to spend his very last dime on a trip to fly to Sadie’s shelter in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

After spending $300 on the one-way plane ticket, Joel was completely broke.

With no money to buy a return ticket, he simply adopted Sadie from the shelter and began “walking” home with his new best friend in his arms.

With Sadie by his side, the dedicated dad had faith that things would work out during their 1,500-mile journey.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Joel spent a whole week walking, taking cheap rides and overnight accommodations, but he only managed to cover about 700 miles.

Part of it was because he only walked a few hours a day to make sure it wasn’t hard on Sadie.

With 800 miles left to go, a desperate Joel finally launched an online fundraiser and shared his homebound struggles with the community.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

The video below follows Joel and Sadie’s journey as a couple of strangers intervene with a grand gesture!

We won’t spoil it for you, but this is the best thing anyone could have done for this broke man and his darling furry companion.

That 1:30 mark in the video is exactly what true humanity is all about! We will always remember Joel’s unwavering love for Sadie and his fairytale ending!

Click the video below to watch what some Good Samaritans did for Joel after he went broke while adopting Sadie.

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