Saint Bernard Frantically Woke Dad Up At 2AM And Refused To Let Him Go Back To Sleep

Dory the St. Bernard is being hailed a hero after saving her family’s lives. One morning at 2:00 AM, the gentle giant just wasn’t acting like herself.

She whined and paced in a way they’d never seen before, and it got their attention. Dory refused to let her owners go back to sleep.

Dory wouldn’t calm down, and it got the cats meowing. Dory’s dad had to see what was up, so he got out of bed. And that’s when Jack spotted the problem — a BIG problem.

Today he’s thanking his lucky stars that his good girl came and got him out of bed. As a thank you, Dad made sure to make a big juicy steak for Dory!

If it weren’t for Dory the St. Bernard, the family doesn’t even want to think about what could’ve happened. Dogs never cease to amaze, do they?

See the story in full in the video below.

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