Giant Dog Befriends Lonely 95-Yr-Old Grandma Next Door & Makes Her Smile Daily

Sally is a 95-year-old Dutch woman who has been living alone ever since her husband passed away 30 years ago in 1990. Despite her loneliness, she is a positive and cheerful lady who benevolently shares her love and wisdom with the small community in Mt. Vernon, Washington.


When the Mazzarella family moved in Sally’s neighborhood, they felt extremely lucky to have such a kind and caring grandma as their neighbor. However, it was their St. Bernard puppy, Brody, who took a special liking to her.

The sweet puppy somehow sensed that Sally needed a companion. So he started knocking at her door every single day!

Sally was beyond happy to greet the fluffy pooch. She fed him bread and started petting him for hours. As the days passed, she brought him dog treats too, but the stubborn dog refused to accept anything but bread from her!


Brody soon grew up into a giant and gorgeous dog, but his love for Sally never changed. Sadly, Sally suffered a heart attack and had to move to a senior care facility. Brody was devastated and he slipped into depression when he failed to find her.



In this fulfilling video, we see the Mazzarellas driving Brody to Sally’s senior care facility to lift his spirits. Our hearts melt as we witness the forlorn dog greeting Sally again.

His parents have decided to honor his friendship with Sally and keep bringing him to the facility. Dogs truly are empathetic creatures!

Click the video below to watch Sally and Brody’s super wholesome bond of unconditional love!

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