Baby & Dog Push Each Other In An Attempt To Get The Best View Of A Passing Duck

Baby Sam and his adorable dog, Beau, are best buddies who always stick together. However, their endearing friendship recently suffered a minor hiccup when they encountered a fascinating duck on their lawn!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

As we see in this video, Sam and Beau are having a mighty good time sight-seeing through the window. But all of this comes to a stop when the pair spots an alluring duck waddling across the lawn.

Both Sam and Beau are equally mesmerized by the duck and they try their best to steal a nice view of the birdie!

In their struggle to get the best window spot, Sam and Beau start pushing each other like bickering siblings! While Sam mildly tries to shift to a better position, his competitive pooch fiercely shoves him aside and snatches the ideal viewing spot!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Poor Sam looks back at his mom in defeat, but he quickly moves his gaze back to the window to grab the last few glances at the duck.

The squabbling siblings soon forget their little tussle and come together to bid farewell to their new duck buddy. What a delightful duo!

Click the video below to watch Sam and Beau’s adorable duck-watching adventure!

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