Dad Brushes Dog From Day To Night, Time Lapse Video Shows The Insane Fur Produced

Samoyeds are one of the most beautiful dog breeds. They stand out with their fluffy looks and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

These gentle, playful yet calm dogs just love being around humans, and are the perfect cuddle babies!

Source: CarebDude/YouTube

The Samoyed’s wooly coat is made up of thick and long hair that protects them from the harsh winters where they are accustomed to survive.

However, the one tiny hardship a Samoyed and his family must go through is his heavily shedding fur, which needs to be brushed at least once a week.

In this video, we see a Dad and his Samoyed on brushing day. It is still broad daylight when the grooming session begins.

We see a time-lapsed video of Dad brushing his pet on and on until it is nightfall!

Source: CarebDude/YouTube

The amount of fur that accumulates from all that brushing is unbelievable! However, Dad’s still not done with the brushing, as he keeps removing more dead hair from his Samoyed’s coat.

Source: CarebDude/YouTube

By the time they are done, we have a carpet’s worth of fur lying on the floor! We are in awe of Dad and his Samoyed’s patience throughout this habitual brushing session.

But with such a loving bond between the two, we don’t think they mind this tiring ritual one bit!

Click the video below to watch how Dad makes a cloud out of all the extra hair!

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