Excited Puppies Are So Happy To Get Milk That They End Up In A Puppy-Pinwheel

Scottish Terrier puppies are extremely likable with their affectionate nature and charming idiosyncrasies.

The Scottie puppies in this video are named Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Nigel and Annalise, and they have stolen our hearts with one incredibly bewitching “trick”!

Source: Robert Gann/YouTube

In this video, we see the puppies eagerly waiting for their mom to pour them some goat milk. They huddle-up together around their bowl and excitedly wait to slurp on their favorite treat.

When the bowl is full, the 6 siblings immediately surround their dinner and form the perfect pinwheel!

From here, it only gets more amusing! The synchronized puppies move in a clockwise direction as they jubilantly gulp down the milk.

With their tails all spiraling out in the same direction, they very much resemble a spinning pinwheel! What a fascinating thing to see!

Source: Robert Gann/YouTube

This unbelievable trick doesn’t end here. When one of the puppies makes a pause midway, the other puppies stop right there as well.

When that puppy finally starts moving, the others immediately resume like a clockwork machine! The symmetrical perfection of these cuties is off the charts!

Click the video below to watch the puppies’ mind-blowing pinwheel act!

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