Security Cam Caught The Moment When Dog Brings A Water Hose Into The House

A lot of people wonder what their dogs do all day when they aren’t home. Some people have cameras set up in their home and later find out that the dogs don’t do much besides lay around and nap, waiting for their owners to get home.

One woman was in for a real surprise when she came inside to find her house covered in water. She had a feeling that her dog, Winston, may have had something to do with this, but she turned to her security camera footage to find out for certain.

Youtube/Roxy Dinkel

In the footage, which was posted on Youtube, you can see Winston drag in the water hose from outside. This would have otherwise been harmless, but the hose was turned on, soaking everything it touched.

Winston walked from room to room with the hose, while water spilled out all over the floor, turning his home into a waterpark.

Three minutes later, the mischievous Boxer drags the hose back outside, as if he didn’t want to leave any evidence behind.

Youtube/Roxy Dinkel

While it would be a nightmare to come home to a soaked house (especially the living room rug), it’s kind of hard to be mad at this adorable pup!

I have a feeling that Winston’s owner can laugh about the matter looking back at it, but she sure didn’t think it was funny when it happened!

Watch Winston’s silly antics in the video below:

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