Dog Shatters Record After Delivering Biggest Litter Of Pups Ever Born

Shadow is a beautiful Neopolitan Mastiff dog who hails from Queensland, Australia. Shadow is also making international news after giving birth to a record-breaking 21 puppies recently.

The previous record for the largest litter of puppies born in Australia was 19, but Shadow shattered that record with her adorable 21 furry babies.

Unfortunately, three of the newborns passed away but 18 little mouths required feeding and around-the-clock care with their mom.

Source: 7NEWS Brisbane/Facebook

Due to the large number of pups and the fact that three pups were delivered at home prior to Shadow arriving at the vet, the decision was made to perform a cesarean section.

“We just pulled out puppy after puppy after puppy,” emergency veterinarian Sarah West shared.

Source: 7NEWS Brisbane/Facebook

Shadow was in critical condition, and staff at the veterinary clinic performed the necessary resuscitation on the puppies. In total, 12 boys and 6 girls survived and are now nursing with Shadow.

The family works shifts around the clock to ensure Shadow and her babies are all well fed and taken care of, every two hours, six pups at a time.

Source: 7NEWS Brisbane/Facebook

More about this incredible birth and the record-setting litter can be seen in the video below. Congratulations to Shadow on this massive litter of cuties!

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