She Lost Her Way, Overheard Dad’s Engine & Bolts Toward Him Shedding Tears

We say it over and over again: our dogs are our family. If our dog is to go missing, so does a piece of our heart. It’s a devastating scenario we pray doesn’t happen. Sadly, however, it does.

One dog, named Xian-Mao was with her dad at the market. This is a weekly event they both look forward to. Xian-Mao knows that she is in good hands and calmly remains at her owner’s side without a leash.

But one day during one of their many trips, someone set off fireworks nearby and spooked poor Xian-Mao.

Xian-Mao took off like a lightning bolt, running at warp speed in the opposite direction of the loud boom.

Source: M13/Youtube

Xian-Mao’s dad was heartbroken. He looked everywhere for his precious dog but she was nowhere to be found. Xian-Mao knows her neighborhood well but when she panicked she continued to run and ended up someplace she didn’t recognize and she couldn’t find her way home.

After 6 heartwrenching days, Xian-Mao wandered to her owner’s friend’s house. The smart dog finally recognized her surroundings. . . WOW!   >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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