She Traveled For 9 Days And 35 Miles Through The Wild Region, Just To Find Her Home!

Whenever I hear about animals that are lost finding their way home I am always amazed.  Georgia was a dog who was rescued during Hurricane Katrina. She not only found her way home but survived the hurricane.

Georgia is an 8 year old mixed Shar-Pei and she put all her dog skills to the test when she wandered away from her owner, Kris while hiking in Southern California.

She not only hiked around for 9 days she also traveled over 35 miles to get back home.  Kris is so proud of her.

When Kris left that morning with Georgia she never expected to return home without her.  At 64, Kris is an avid hiker and she isn’t slowing down. So she normally takes Georgia. This morning in June they were on a “new” trial and about half way through Georgia took off. She wouldn’t come back.  Kris called her over and over. She even heard a far off bark but then it disappeared.

“Halfway to the waterfall, I heard the dog barking and it ran off …She gets so focused on critters and it’s hard to pull her away. In the past, she’s run away a couple of times before on walks but she would come back.”

The ranger told  her there wasn’t much of a chance that the dog would survive.  There were wild coyotes and mountain lions that prowled the area!

Day nine and Kris had pretty much given up that Georgia would ever be found.  But Georgia had other plans she showed up at her doggie door.

She walked in and jumped up on her bed, no signs of injury and in overall good health. The vet reported she had lost a little weight and was a little dehydrated.

Anderson said:

“It sounds corny, I know, she’s a dog – but to me, she’s my baby …I never thought I’d see her again, and she’s special to me.”

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