Dogs Get Hundreds Of Sheep To Funnel Through A Tiny Gate, And It’s Mesmerizing

When New Zealand’s aerial photographer Tim Whittaker ventured out to capture the shots of a vast green field, he got way more than he bargained for!

This gem of a video taken by him shows how a little perspective can lend a touch of magic to the monotonous humdrum of everyday life!

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

At first glance, this video paints the confusing picture of tiny white blocks sliding across a green backdrop.

But our minds are blown away when we realize that we’re actually witnessing highly skilled herding dogs rounding up hundreds of sheep at a time!

It’s a mesmerizingly coordinated stampede that gets more interesting the longer we look at it!

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

This captivating visual is just like chaos theory in motion, and it’s even more prominent when the sheep migrate to a different field through a tiny fence gate.

We can’t help but be reminded of granules of sand seamlessly flowing through an hourglass! The ebb and flow of every sheep in the horde is so soothing and relaxing to watch!

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

Honestly, words can hardly do any justice to the surreal experience of watching this drone video. It has to be one of the most spectacular and satisfying things ever!

The universe we live in is truly full of miracles and all we need to do is keep our eyes open!

Click the video below to watch the mind-boggling footage of a team of dogs expertly herding hundreds of sheep!

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